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Cole & Mason - Bristol Duo Glass Oil & Vinegar Pourer

Cole & Mason - Bristol Duo Glass Oil & Vinegar Pourer

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Cole & Mason - UK
H103069 - Bristol duo glass oil & vinegar pourer -  420ml oil, 50ml vinegar

 As part of our Oil & Vinegar range, our Oil & Vinegar Duo Pourer has been designed as a practical and elegant solution for oil and vinegar, by storing both in the same vessel at the same time.

Adjustable pouring spout

Ensure you have just the amount of oil and vinegar that you need with by twisting the spout clockwise for a long or short pour. Close completely to avoid air getting into the bottle. 

Drip Return System
The pourer features separate pouring spouts and our drip return system meaning no mess and no cross-contamination of oil and vinegar. 

Modern and Elegant
Bring a modern sense to your dinner table with its stainless steel spout and neck. The body is made of a durable borosilicate clear glass.

Large Capacity
The pourer has a 14 fluid oz. capacity for oil and 1.5 fluid oz capacity for vinegar. 420ml oil, 50ml vinegar

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