About Us


For generations porcelain ware has been kept for special occasions, only caring not for it to be broken. Of course it can be broken, but if not used with the joys of life, what is the point? Every occasion is unique and we should enjoy the beauty and delicacy of porcelain.

 We Eff N' Bee Hospitality are the master distributors of RAK tableware across India. Through the constantly changing landscapes over the years, Eff N' Bee has successfully navigated the role of great social drinking and eating experiences in all sectors from hotels to retail, bars and restaurants to cafes and workspaces – across India. Today we look at these challenging and ever changing times as a chance to evolve once more. Through our products we want to provide an experience that is meaningful and that which brings to life a story that is yours.

 Eff N' Bee Lifestyle is the brainchild of Eff N' Bee Hospitality that curates beautiful, versatile and durable customised tableware in 24k gold, glassware and cutlery. Explore our extensive collection of luxury dining ware and adorn your tables-cape to impress with our designer tableware, mugs and tea sets, glasses, cutlery and more. Let our designs breathe into your personalised spaces and give your interiors and home deco some inspiration.